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Botanical Gardens In Egypt Documentation - BGED

This project aims to document plants, animals and history of 6 botanical gardens beside the history of El-Zahraa stud. found in Cairo under the authority of Ministry of Agriculture.

Objectives : 1. Making a complete survey, identify and make a checklist of plants found in 5 important botanical gardens found in Egypt (the Zoo, El-Orman, Zohriya, Qubba, and The Agricultural Museum Gardens). 2. Photographing all plants in the 5 gardens. 3. Collecting information about each plant. 4. Scanning the herbarium sheets in the Herbarium of the garden (If present). 5. Extracting information from the scientific labels on the herbarium sheets. 6. Editing captured images and scanned sheets and create a digital gallery for further usage of the images. 7. Creating a database to organize the captured images and scanned herbarium sheets with their information. 8. Creating a database for the races of horses in Egypt.

Website :
Duration : 105 Months
Status : Completed
Acronum Name : BGED
Partners : By CULTNAT