NOESIS: Development of a Novel and Integrated Portable Non-Destructive Analysis System for the Docum

The project is designed to produce non-destructive non-invasive image-based processing techniques to aid the historical

The Documentation of Egyptian Heritage dating to the Regin of Mohamed Ali in Greece and Egypt

The project aims to document heritage that pertains to the reign of Mohamed Ali in Greece and Egypt. It focuses on the d

Unimed Cultural Heritage II

This objective will be pursued by implementing extended cultural heritage databases, a dedicated portal and ad hoc train

Virtual Museum Transnational Network (V-MusT)

V-MusT is a EU FP7-funded network of excellence that aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support to d

Architectural Heritage - Zamalek & Mansoura

This project aims to documenting the architectural heritage of Zamalek District and Mansoura that was built in the perio

Ecovillage Strategies for Community Mobilization

The project is sustainable development initiative done of CULTNAT in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network of E

Islamic Cairo Heritage

The Islamic Cairo heritage project is a geographic information detailed search engine for all registered Islamic monumen

The Monumental Inscriptions of Historic Cairo

The Project covers Islamic inscriptions that are found in a range of the most important historical monuments in Cairo. T

Scientists of the Islamic World

The project documents the history of scientists in various scientific and Intellectual fields. The project holds a datab

Islamic Heritage Cities Platform

The project main output is a portal of all cities rich in Islamic heritage. The project is starting with Egypt cities ex