Abdeen Palace: Guide

قصر عابدين : الدليل الرسمي



Abdeen Palace Official Guide, contains more than 80 marvelous photos of the Palace, its grand salons, gardens and art objects. It narrates briefly the history of Abdeen Palace premises since its construction in the 19th century up to our present time ....

Egypt 1920

Egypt 1920 Circa: The Photographs of Lehnert & Landrock



CULTNAT's commitment to the documentation of the cultural and natural heritage in Egypt led to the creation of a Photographic Heritage Program that is pioneering in the field of automation of the nation&amp ....


أطلس المواقع الأثرية بمحافظة اسوان



Atlas of Archaeological sites in Aswan Governorate is the eleventh in A series of Atlases for archaeological sites of Egypt as part of the National level of the Archaeological Map of Egypt project. All archaeological sites within Aswan are precisely ....

Arabic Papyri

Arabic Papyri : National Library of Egypt



The Arabic Papyrus collection at Dar al Kotob is indeed unique as it will reveal for the first time the handwriting of the people, rather than the eloquent drawing of scripts by professional calligraphers. Through out this catalogue of selected folio ....


Nubia through Two Eras : Nubian Life Captured by the Lens of Photographer Antoune Albert



The photographer Antoun Albert was one of the most important photographers in Egypt, because he was coeval with numerous important historical events and personalities who had influence on political, literary and artistic life in Egypt. Mr. Albert pho ....

Terms Dictionary

معجم لغة الحياة اليومية


Dr. M. El-Gohary

This cultural dictionary is concerned with everyday language, which has an independent existence and limited grammar and differs from the classical language. The former has the quality of being able to borrow from other languages, as well as to broad ....

Folklore Thesaurus2

مكنز الفولكلور


Dr. Moustafa Gad

The second volume of the "Folklore Thesaurus" is to be known as the principal or pronunciation volume. The first volume - The Compilation - achieved great success and was widespread in Egypt, as well as in other Arab ....

Botanical Chamber

Botanical Chamber at Karnak



A user-friendly and multi-lingual CD that offers a visual journey through the Botanical Chamber in the great temple of Amun at Karnak where Thutmosis the third depicted the animals and plants brought from his campaigns to neighboring countries.

Sound & Light Shows

Sound and Light Shows of Egypt



This CD covers all the sound and light shows in Egypt:
• Pyramids
• Karnack
• Philae
• Abu simbel
The CD contains screen savers and wallpapers and gallery for pharonic pictures for the lighted places.
The CD contains videos for pharaonic places ....

Cairo Architectural

Cairo Architectural Heritage



A user-friendly CD in which the nineteenth and twentieth century architectural heritage of Downtown Cairo has been documented, in a bilingual Geographic Information System (GIS) of over 500 buildings, with an easy to browse database displaying inform ....

Om Kalthoum

ام كلثوم



This book contains accurately and honestly reviews with the simplistic analysis for the musical path of the lady of Arab singing Om Kalthoum
And this book is divided into 5 sections:
The First Section: the biography of Om Kalthoum, the beginning of ....

Sayed Darwish

سيد درويش



This book contains accurately and honestly reviews with the simplistic analysis of one of the greatest musician in his era who is Sayed Darwish
And this book is divided into 5 sections:
The First Section: the biography of Sayed Darwish, the beginni ....